Reasons Why Cleaning The Doors In Your Office Is Important


There is more to office cleaning than just vacuuming the carpet or dusting the tables and chairs.  Another area that needs to be included is that of cleaning the doors.  When outsourcing your commercial cleaning needs, it is vital to make sure that your establishment doors are on your list of areas that you require cleaning.

Clean doors should be one of the areas at the top of your priorities for the commercial cleaning service that you outsource to.  The reason being that of all the other areas they will clean, your doors will always be the most used, and therefore most sullied, of just about any area of your workplace.  They are the most used, and most-touched surfaces of any on a building, and are so on a day to day basis.

If you stop to think about it, every employee or customer that enters your workplace will do so by way of passing through at least one door—whether it be for a customer to gain access to your business, or for your employees to enter a breakroom, office, or a restroom.  Although you may have dark-colored doors, do not let that fool you.  The dirt and grime is still there; it is just not as noticeable—it is lurking and waiting and building up.

If that isn't enough to convince you, check out these three vital reasons you need to make sure your doors are cleaned and the rest of your workspace.

First Impressions

Any business owner can tell you that, more often than not, a first impression can make or break our business.  And, being as a first impression, once it is determined, you can never change it or get it back.  That why it is vital that you always put your best foot forward each and every time.

I don't know about how you feel, but I don't want to reach out to open a door and find the doorknob sticky and grimy.  That is beyond icky and gross!  Customers expect that when they enter a business establishment to be greeted with a certain amount of cleanliness and pride being shown.  They will always basis their impression on the projection of this pride.

When choosing to present a professional image, you are not only letting others know of your pride in what you do but also the pride you take in your surroundings.  This, in turn, goes a long way to building a foundation of trust and belief for what your business stands for.  With a door being the first feature they will cross into your business, it should respresent you proudly.


If your doors are not kept clean, then anyone who touches them are sure to either spread germs or be the recipient of them.  This can lead to loss of productivity when staff and crew are calling off due to illness or being sick.  Before long, you will notice that the loss of work will begin to impact your bottom line and your profits.

There are pros and cons that will need to be weighed in every decision made, but to be honest, clean doors should be a no brainer.  You can either outsource the job of keeping your doors clean, and your staff and crew healthy, or you can choose to take the chance that you may suffer a loss of productivity.  The simple answer is—keep your doors clean of dirt, grime, and germs, and you will see the payback in aces!

Illness and Disease

When entering through a door, more often than not, the process is done by way of either turning a doorknob or pushing and pulling the door.  The problem lies in the constant human contact that leads to the transfer of germs and viruses.  Who knows—the person before you may have sneezed, coughed, or wiped their nose right before they gripped that doorknob.

Most assuredly, that same person proceeded to pass through several more doors, again leaving behind those very same germs.  The common cold virus has been established as being able to live on a surface for up to a day, and other types of bacteria for up to five months.  Who wants to expose themselves to those kinds of germs if it can be prevented.

For these reasons above, it is essential to remember that when it comes to office cleaning, your doors are just as important as all the other areas.  And when the rubber meets the road, it most often is more cost-effective to have the cleaning professionally done.

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